Aligning, Assigning and Redesigning: Effective Course Assessment for Student Learning

This page is intended to collect information in support of your application to participate in the Aligning, Assigning and Redesigning: Effective Course Assessment for Student Learning -  Course Redesign Program running from May until December 2017.

Facilitators: Kathleen Bortolin, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Specialist and Stephanie Boychuk, Learning Technologies Support Specialist, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning.

Course Redesign Program Overview
This program is an opportunity for faculty members to review, enhance and (re)construct one of their courses. Working alongside their peers, faulty members engage in activities that highlight essential course design principles and then apply those ideas to an upcoming course. This course redesign program is focused on meaningful assessment and evaluation and pays close attention to designing summative assessment tools that align with course learning outcomes.

By the end of the workshop, faculty will redesign the basic structure of their course including assignments, assessment tools, and course outline. They will also have the opportunity to share feedback and ideas about teaching and be inspired with new ideas from their peers.

Schedule and Time Commitment

  • May 1-14: Online Advance Preparation Time (self-paced, all online, 3-5 hours total)
  • Monday, May 15: Day One of Workshop Institute, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM (cohort-based, 7 hours + 1-2 hours homework)
  • Tuesday, May 16: Day Two of Workshop Institute, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM (cohort-based, 7 hours + 1-2 hours homework)
  • Wednesday, May 17: Day Three of Workshop Institute, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM (cohort-based, 7 hours)
  • Fall 2017: Undertake 5 Implementation Benchmarks (some group, mostly own teaching activity and some engagement with Centre staff - see time breakdown below)

More details:


To get started, please provide us with a little information about yourself, and about your teaching. This may take 10-15 minutes. For the longer texts, you may want to write your answers in a word processing document and paste them into the text boxes below.
What is your role at VIU?
*Since this will be a cohort-based project structured around ongoing participant interactions, we ask applicants to commit to all three phases of the Course Redesign Program.

Phase 1: Advance Preparation: May 1-14 Online Advance Preparation Activities (~ 3-5 hours on own time)

Phase 2: Workshop Institute: May 15 - 17 each day from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm (~ 21 hours/3 days) plus 1-2 hours of homework Monday and Tuesday nights

Phase 3: Implementation: Fall 2017 - 5 items outlined in the Benchmarks session including mid-term student survey,class observation, peer feedback, reflection summary and a few times to catch up with the group.
Please provide us with a few insights into your teaching by responding to the following questions. The Course Redesign facilitators will take into account your responses in their planning of the program. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Let us know a little bit more about the learning outcomes in the course you are going to redesign/enhance in this program. Select all that apply to your course:
*Describe what your existing/current assessment and evaluation activity looks like in the course you are wanting to redesign. In other words, how do your students demonstrate their learning of the course intentions/outcomes/goals - and how do you provide informal and formal feedback/grades to them?
Describe what a typical meeting of your class 'looks like'. What do your students do during a typical class? What do you do during the class?
*Please describe in 250 words or fewer your goals and expectations for participating in this Course Redesign Program. What changes do you want/expect/hope to see in your students as a result of redesigning your course?

After you have submitted this last response, click "Submit". You should receive confirmation on the next page that your application has been successfully submitted.