Deeper Engagement and More Fun with Team-Based Learning
VIU Team-Based Learning Course Redesign Program
The Team-Based Learning Course Redesign Program is an opportunity for VIU faculty members to (re)design and (re)construct one of their courses using the Team-Based Learning (TBL) model developed by organizational psychologist Larry K. Michaelsen.

This page will be used to collect information in support of your request to participate.

The program begins with the two-day TBL Institute on August 14 and 16, (including independent course development work on August 15), followed by several activities occurring in the Fall 2019 semester:
  • Before the Fall semester: Meeting with facilitators to get feedback on your new design (syllabus and first few class meeting plans).
  • Week 4 of Fall semester: Midterm Survey of Students, targeting their response to key elements/practices of the TBL method within your course
  • Week 5-6: Classroom visits by one of the facilitators
  • Week 6-7: Informal exchange of ideas with colleagues. Food/refreshments will be served.
  • Post Program: Brief Reflection Essay to document your journey

Follow this link for more details about the program: 2019 VIU Team-Based Learning Course Redesign

Facilitators:  Bill Roberson, Tine Reimers, VIU Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning, and Jim Sibley, TBL author and trainer from UBC.

To get started, please provide us with a little information about yourself, and about your teaching. This may take 5-10 minutes.

What is your role at VIU?
*Since this will be a cohort-based project structured around ongoing participant interactions, we ask applicants to commit to all components of the Course Redesign Program.

Phase 1: Advance Preparation: In the weeks prior to Day 1 you will be provided with readings. (~ 3-5 hours on own time).

Phase 2: Workshop Institute: August 14 and 16, each day from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm plus August 15 to work on your own to develop a complete module of activities within your own course.

Phase 3: Implementation: Fall 2019, including follow-up activities related to meeting specific benchmarks.

Which of the following comes closest to representing your previous experience with the use of cooperative or collaborative learning as an instructional strategy?

Please provide us with a few insights into your teaching by responding to the following questions. The facilitators will take into account your responses in their planning of the program. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
What are some innovations that you have tried in the past (e.g., something you did to increase student engagement with the material)? What was your experience with those?
*Please describe in approximately 100 words or fewer your goals and expectations for participating in this Course Redesign Program. What changes do you want/expect/hope to see in your students as a result of redesigning your course?

After you have submitted this last response, click "Submit". You should receive confirmation on the next page that your application has been successfully submitted.